Mafia Wars South Africa Chapter 3 unlocks: Mere days left to fix the Global Cup

Mafia Wars Challenge Mission Chapter 3

The real World Cup has come to an end, but the virtual one that you're trying to fix in Mafia Wars South Africa is still going strong. Chapter 3 of this soccer-themed Challenge Mission is officially open, and you have until Friday, July 16 to get the job done, all while keeping the heat off your back (measure by the Job Heat Meter) and making sure you have enough Counterfeit tickets requires to pull of each task.

mafia wars south africa chapter 3 unlocks

The four South Africa Chapter 3 jobs are as follows:

Insert Your Crooked Refs (16 Energy, 3 Counterfeit tickets)
Push the Favorite (24 Energy, 4 Counterfeit tickets)
Flip the Switch on the Final (25 Energy, 5 Counterfeit tickets)
Collect the Bookmakers (27 Energy, 6 Counterfeit tickets)

The energy and ticket requirements for each job will change as your Job Heat Meter fills up. If you don't have a lot of extra counterfeit tickets, do the job until the Heat Meter turns yellow, then wait for it to cool off. If you have tons of extra tickets, just keep plugging away at each job until the Heat Meter turns red.

Of course, be sure to check into the Challenge Mission every 20 hours to collect more Counterfeit Tickets. You can also find extra tickets while doing jobs, fighting or robbing -- though, I've found those are few and far between.

mafia wars my crew

The best way to get tickets fast is to add up to seven new people to your mafia. For every person you add, you'll gain 10-30 extra counterfeit tickets as a bonus. An easy way to find new friends is by heading to the official Mafia Wars forums Add Me thread or do the same on the Mafia Wars Facebook fan page. You're guaranteed to get a few more friends (and tickets) fast.

Once Mafia Wars South Africa Chapter 3 is complete, you'll be rewarded with a vehicle (Penalty Kick, ATK 110 DEF 59) with some truly sweet offensive stats. It's not often that I'm impressed with a single item's stats, but this vehicle's packing a lot of horsepower under its hood.
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