iPhone 4 recall: Should Apple admit there's a problem and offer a fix?

iphone 4 recall
iphone 4 recall

The iPhone 4 was arguably one of the most hyped products to launch in recent history .But since the launch, the fabled phone has been plagued with reception issues. On Monday, Consumer Reports said its engineers have confirmed that the iPhone 4 has reception problems due to a design issue. For that reason, the publication announced that it, "can't recommend the iPhone 4." Given the mounting evidence that the device isn't up to snuff, is it time for Apple to issue an iPhone 4 recall?

If you haven't had the chance to see the iPhone 4 reception issue in person you can watch the video below, which shows the iPhone 4's signal disappear when it is held in a manner that bridges the two antenna. Unfortunately, it's a manner that most individuals use when chatting on their phone and it has been called the "Death Grip" by many members of the press and the iPhone holding public.