FarmVille White Stallions, Neutered?

FarmVille Horse Stable Not Producing!
UPDATE: This is a glitch that will be resolved when FarmVille "enhances" with tonight's Updates. You will not have to do anything to restore the White Stallions functionality.

From FarmVille's Community Manager, Grimwell:
"I'd like to thank everyone who has sent me their UID so far, and ask that nobody else does!
The development team has found the bug that is causing this issue with your stallions, and intend to have a fix for it later today. You will not have to do anything to restore functionality to your stallions, the update later today will care for it. Thank you for your patience, and special thanks to everyone who shared their ID's so we could get a look!" (Source: Official FarmVille Forum)
Lots of FarmVille Freaks, such as FarmVille Freak Lisa, FarmVille Freak Julia, FarmVille Freak Pia, and FarmVille Freak Becky, among others are reporting that their White Stallions are no longer producing Foals!

As you know, the White Stallion was a special limited edition farm cash animal available only through a Mystery Box. Unlike other Wandering Stallions, the White Stallion is a permanent Horse Stable occupant and once purchased you are able to keep it forever. Owners of White Stallions have the advantage of being able to produce a Foal everyday. The ability to produce foals explains why the temporary "neutering" of White Stallions, has caused angry FarmVille Horse breeder enthusiasts and White Stallion owners.

We are waiting on an official response from Zynga and will keep you informed and updated as we learn more information about the questionable fertility of the White Stallion.
You can read some of our FarmVille Freak White Stallion owners' user-submitted emails below:
"Hi FarmGoddess, After the introduction to the Beehives, I went on my farm to do my nightly ritual of horse breeding. I have gone through 30 horses without any reproduction success (I would usually achieve one foal in every 3-5 horses). Not only has this changed, but also the message that comes after you harvest your stable has changed (I have taken a screen shot & attached it for you to see). For the past few days I have encountered issues while breeding (screen freezing, out of sync issues etc...). I noticed that I used to collect a couple thousand coins each time I harvest without a Foal produced, but now the amount has gone down to about 168 coins." – FarmVille Freak Lisa
"Hi, Since yesterday I can't make foals in my stable. I have a White Stallion but it's like he's not there, I always got the message: "You didn't find anything special in the stable, but you did earn 588 coins while tending to your horses. Tend to them again tomorrow for a chance to find something special." Some people say the the White Stallions have been neutered. Have you heard something about this? I worried coz I paid farm cash for my Stallion... I paid to have the chance to make as many foals as I can in one day, this is not fair..." -FarmVille Freak Julia
"It seems they made changes to the harvest of Horse Stables, and make it like the Dairy Barns.You get no thank you and money anymore and rumors say you will only be able to harvest once a day. Maybe something to look into. As they release the black stallion (Gelding) in next mystery boxes, wonder what happen to the people who already have one. Regards." -FarmVille Freak Pia"
"Can you find out what the problem is with our White Stallions not producing something on your website plz....they are just like any other horse when you try to breed Foals...people on facebook wall are going crazy ;-) " – FarmVille Freak Becky
Are you experiencing problems with your White Stallion, such as non-producing Foals?

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