FarmVille Cheats & Tips: Beehive materials, Honeybee quick links

FarmVille Cheats & Tips: Beehive materials, Honeybee quick links

Hello, Facefolks! It's Mr. Cheats here with the down-low on the things you shouldn't know.

This morning, FarmVille's all abuzz with bees! Swarms of 'em! The folks over at The Facegamer have found gifting links for all the Beehive parts. That's right, farmer, your task of the moment is the build your very own beehive, and like all buildings on your farm, it's gonna take some sweat, tears and help from your farm neighbors to get all of the supplies you need.

There's a catch, you'll only be able to send two items at a time, and those two items will change periodically. Don't worry though, Mr. Cheats is going to make it easy on you by giving you ALL of the FarmVille Beehive Materials Quick Links at once. (As an added bonus, Mr. Cheats has also included a quick link for Honeybees as well).

To send any of the items below, just click on the corresponding image and start passing out hive parts like you're some kind of Queen Bee.

Mr. Cheats has another tip -- if you want friends to send you any of these materials (or a specific item), send them this link.

Your Facebook ID will replace the X's in the URL. Where can you find your ID? Go to your Facebook page and look at the URL. You'll see 'id=XXXXXXXXX." That's your Facebook ID number. Copy and paste it in the URL above, and then start asking fellow players to send materials for your honey bee hive.

For cheats & more, check out The Facegamer.

Looking for items or new FarmVille neighbors? Leave a note in the comments below!

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