The United Farm Workers Union Take Our Jobs Campaign

The United Farm Workers Union is fighting accusations that migrant workers are stealing jobs from Americans with a recent sardonic campaign called Take Our Jobs. The program guarantees to connect applicants with farm jobs in their area, and the union claims that the number of people that would be needed to replace the immigrant work force is close to 500,000.

To date, the number of people who have accepted positions as farm workers is three. The union maintains that immigrants aren't taking work from Americans because Americans do not want this work.

In an appearance on The Colbert Report on July 8, Farm Worker's Union President Auturo Rodriguez said, "Americans don't want to work in the fields. The conditions are horrid. Immigrants are willing to do the work and they are very professional."

The campaign is intended to draw attention to much-needed farm reform such as the AG Jobs Bill and put a spotlight on Arizona's new stringent immigration laws. According to the Take Our Jobs website, agriculture in the United States is dependent on an immigrant work force -- and we are a nation in denial about our food supply.

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-- Watch Rodriguez's appearance on The Colbert Report.

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