A Day In The Life - Maryam at AOL


Maryam A.
Intern - AOL Mail

Hello world. I am a software development intern with the Anti-spam team in AOL Mail. Nowadays for the most part, I've been doing Java programming but my first few weeks involved C, some shell scripts, and performance testing. I am a junior in the School of Computer Science at Carnegie Mellon, and I'm getting a minor in discrete math.

I like to play competitive foosball in my free time (yes, foosball, it's not a typo). I also like to travel, so I do both when I get the chance.

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A Day In The Life with Maryam

Read emails and got my day in order. It's coding time now.

I feel slightly alone. Half of my row is gone to a conference this week: http://ceas.cc/2010/main.shtml

Debugging ftw

Perl class now and lunch

Learned about Perl file I/O. Now time for Java file I/O.

3 o'clock came fast! I'm mapReducing. yay Hadoop.

Aol is one of the few places where you're EXPECTED to use AIM at work. lol.

I'm working with a lot of open source software. http://dev.aol.com/topic/opensource

It's time for the intern vs. full-timers volleyball match! After that I'm foosballing, so my work day is done. Thanks for following!...