Daily Blogwatch: Why Gold Is Going to Zero

James Altucher's Daily Blogwatch column Some of the best reads for investors from around the Web:

Reasons to go long, and reasons to go short, Berkshire Hathaway (BRK.B)

Why gold is a horrible investment. Maybe even a zero.

The first issue ever of the Wall Street Journal.

Nine mass transit stocks that could benefit from peak oil.

Great analysis of a deep-value microcap stock in the dry cleaning space. My guess is it's these types of stocks where you can generate the most returns.

Summary of an interview between Steve Forbes and super value investor Mohnish Pabrai. I interviewed Pabrai in 2005 for my book Trade Like Warren Buffett. He always has interesting things to say.

Time to check out The Big Mac Index.

Here's why Intel (INTC) should report good earnings today.
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