Adam Carolla Selling His 'Overbuilt' L.A. Hills Home for $1.3M

Adam Carolla is selling his Los Angeles home
Adam Carolla is selling his Los Angeles home

Comedian and podcast king Adam Carolla is selling his first home -- a French Normandy-style home above Hollywood that he says was structurally "a dump" when he bought it. But Carolla says that the improvements he's made make it worth the $1.3 million asking price for a bachelor; a young, gay or straight couple; or basically anyone without kids.

"You could throw a party in the basement and make as much noise as you wanted and the neighbors would never care," Carolla told HousingWatch in a telephone interview.

The home was dilapidated when he bought it, and as a lifelong contractor, he put sweat equity and at least $350,000 in improvements into the house, he says. He made the home earthquake proof, replaced the electrical and plumbing, and put on a $75,000 slate roof.

"I overbuilt it, really, and just overdid it," Carolla says of the work he did on the house.

So is the bachelor pad worth what he's asking?