$100k iPads, Startup life & more in this week's CostRefuge roundup

Each week, WalletPop looks back on the week's top personal finance stories as it joins with CostRefuge. Here are some from last week from mainstream publications and the blogosphere.

Ever wonder how some of the world's premier companies got their names? Wisebread take a look at 16 prominent companies and the backstory behind their names.

Fancy yourself as a master painter? Didn't think so. Of course what might not come naturally can always look that way with a few key supplies. Thrifty Little Blog takes a look at a few of them that might help you in your next project.
Startup life can be grueling: long hours, loads of responsibility & a sense of uncertainty that can either help fuel you or burn you out. Phil Rosenberg from reCareered takes a look at whether or not job seekers have what it takes to thrive in a startup environment.

Think the early adopters are paying a lot to be the first to get their hands on the newest gadgets? How about one made out of solid white gold? Gearfuse profiles the blinged out device produced by Stuart Hughes with the outrageous price tag.

Finally, the New York Times produced a piece that may change popular conceptions as to who is most often walking away from their mortgages in this time of financial turmoil. David Streitfeld profiles some of the well-to-do borrowers who aren't as well-to-do after defaulting on debt attached to their second residences, vacation homes etc.

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