YoVille Mystery Gifts Rares Revealed (Spoilers)

YoVille Mystery Gifts The mystery gifts were updated with cool summer prizes. After the jump are many of the rares that you can find in the mystery chests. The guys on the YoVille Lounge forums are working to complete the list. If you got rares that are not mentioned below, head to the forums and post your pictures!YoVille Green Ceramic Vase
YoVille Orange Ceramic Vase
YoVille Pink Ceramic Vase
YoVille Summer Ottoman Tray
YoVille Cheese and Fruit Platter
YoVille Fish Sculpture
YoVille Lemonaide Server
YoVille Yellow Summer Platter
YoVille Yellow Summer Dish
YoVille Yellow Summer Plate
YoVille Pink Summer Plate
YoVille Condiment Servers
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