Lindemann's hotel -- where the added fees are all paid up front


On a recent visit to Berlin, Germany, I took a travel-induced chance, as I often do, and booked a hotel I didn't know much about. When I was reserving my room online before my arrival, a strange thing happened that warmed my heart: I was informed about all the extra fees up front and given the chance to buy them ahead of time.

The hotel Lindemann's, is pitched as an affordable design hotel, meaning it's cheap (€54, equaling $68 at the moment, is a normal starting rate) and it's pretty, having been designed by architects with a thing for black. That is the base price for a classy room.

But the inducements to spend more were presented even before I had clicked "reserve." Its booking page offered to add on extra charges it dubs "enhancements." I could have Web access, the booking page told me, if I paid €5 a day or €10 for three days. I could get breakfast, and that would cost €25 (including, rather Teutonically, a pack of vitamins). Or I could have both for the reduced combined rate of €28. There was an option for a parking space, for an extra cot, one for pet accommodations, and even some for tickets good for Berlin's public transportation system.