Happy Aquarium: More playtime decor inspired by Toy Story

Happy Aquarium Toy Story Green Army Men
Following on Happy Aquarium's small, faux Toy Story cast release, is a decor theme made up of three plastic toy soldiers, a pink toy car that's obviously Barbie's corvette, and a new tank wallpaper that looks like a kid's bedroom.

While they aren't the worst Green Army Men of all time, the game's new plastic toy soldiers -- Army Man with Binoculars, Kneeling Army Man, and Army Man on Walkie Talkie -- aren't exactly men of action. Granted, they don't move, though it would've been cool if Crowdstar made some animated ones that could wave or turn their heads. But these guys are complete non-combatants and might as well be birdwatchers. Well, at least they're a cheap 40 Coins apiece.

The Toy Car -- Pink Sporty Car costs 12 Pearls or 10 Facebook Credits ($1 USD), while the gorgeous Kids Room wallpaper is going for 36 Pearls or 3 FB Credits ($3 USD).
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