FishVille: A Discovery Log Guide for Ichthyologists

FishVille Discovery Log Letter
At first glace, FishVille's new Discovery Log feature appears to have jumped on the recent treasure-hunting trend in Facebook games, but it's really just a spiffier, new achievements log that lets you track your awards and the kinds of fish you've bought.
FishVille Discovery Log
The old Awards page has been integrated into the Log on the bottom right corner. On the top of the Log is a score that'll go up as you acquire more fish and treasures, and complete more awards.
FishVille Discovery Log Fish
Some of the collections are pretty easy, when all you need is to buy stuff from the store. The Log facilitates this by allowing you to click on the items on the pages, so you can immediately see what you need to do to get the fish or treasure item. Others require Sand Dollars or gifting on certain days of the week. A major downside is that your past ownership of these items don't count. So you're going to have to engage in plenty of do-overs.

Here's are the current fish collections and what you need to do to get 'em:

Classic Fish:
Shy Hamlet, Hawaiian Hogfish, Percula Clownfish, Swissguard Basslet, and Pinktail Trigger

Tip: All fish can be bought at the store, except for "Pinktail Trigger", which is only available on the Free Gifts page.

Anthias: Townsend Anthias, Tierra Anthias, Lyretail Anthias, Thompson Anthias, and Red Striped Anthias

Tip: These are all on the Free Gifts page, but there's a catch -- each one is only giftable on certain weekdays, from Monday through Friday! So you need a friend to send you "Townsend Anthias" on Mondays, "Tierra" on Tuesdays, "Lyretail" on Wednesdays, "Thompson" on Thursdays, and "Red Striped" on Fridays.

Shrimp Gobies: Prawn Goby, Flagtail Shrimpgoby, Giant Shrimpgoby, Wheelers Shrimpgoby, and Widebar Shrimpgoby

Tip: Except for the "Prawn Goby", which costs 90 Coins, all these fish must either be bought for Sand Dollars at the store or hatched by a "Mystery Goby Egg" from the Free Gifts page.
FishVille Discovery Log Mastery Fish
Mystery Fish: Black Percula, Broadbarred Goby, Immaculate Boxfish, Indido Hamlet, and Fine Spot Wrasse

Tip: Click on the Mystery Fish in the Discovery Log to take you to the Fish Mastery page. You can only get these fish by doing the Fish Mastery, which means you've got to buy a certain type a fish and sell 'em a certain number of times. Check out the Fish Mastery guide for complete details.

For the Treasure Collections, see: FishVille: A Discovery Log Guide for Treasure Hunters
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