FarmVille Unreleased Bee Hives


Thank you to FarmVille Freak J-Chaves for finding these unreleased FarmVille Bee Hives! These seem to be the same bee hives that Lexilicious spoke about a few weeks back.

FarmVille Bee Hive
FarmVille Bee Hive

We have some information about this upcoming feature which is subject to change up until its actual release. This new Bee feature will allow farmers to buy and harvest Bee Hives. You will use Bee hives to store Bees. Bees are needed to work together with Bee Hives and produce honey. When harvested, Bee Hives yield Honey, coins, and XP. Bees will be available through buying and gifting and will need Flowers to survive. You must grow Flowers on your farm for Bees to survive. Bees can also be adopted when visiting your neighbors' farms.

Are you excited about this new Bee Hive and Bees upcoming feature?

This article originally appeared onFarmVille Freak.