FarmVille Changes Biplane Cost Forumula

FarmVille Biplane
This weekend, lots of FarmVille Freaks such as FarmVille Freak JacobK, FarmVille Freak Ben and FarmVille Freak Gils, reported that the cost of using the FarmVille Biplane seems to have changed.

FarmVille Freak Gils suggests that this is the new formula for the cost of using the Biplane below:
It looks like Zynga made an adjustment to the cost formula for using the biplane over the weekend.
I was able to check on two farms, new formula seems to be:

FV$ = roundup((p*d*3,5/1000)-1;0)
[p = number of plots, d = harvest duration]
Can this be accurate? Any other users experiencing this?
-FarmVille Freak Nils"
"Hi I'm Ben I'm a Level 88 Farmville Freak and I was wondering if you have had any reports of people noticing a chance in the biplane formula. I ask because I have been using it for clovers, up until yesterday about 90 minutes into planting you could spend $1 FV to complete a little less than 500 plots. Yesterday it took me to almost 75% to be able to only spend $1 FV on using the biplane. Thanks I love Farmville Freak it is the only FarmVille website I go to for my FV information.

FarmVille Freak Ben"
"Hey Farmville Freak, I am unsure who to send this to but I wanted to update you guys on the bi-plane formula. As everyone knows the bi-plane formula keeps changing. The basics of the formula that was reported on Farmville Freak is the same, however the hours have changed, now it is 1 Farmcash for the first 570 hours, then 1 additional farmcash for each 280-290 hours after that. It seems that FV has varies the number of additional hours slightly for each additional dollar so that people cannot exactly guess the farmcash amount.

It goes 570 + 290 for the first two farm cash, then (this is from memory I can't remember exactly) 282 + 286 + 300 for the next 3 farm cash. Sorry I can't give you an exact formula but this is approximate for everyone to understand." – FarmVilleFreak JacobK
What do you think? Did you also notice that the cost of using the Biplane seems to have changed?

This article originally appeared onFarmVille Freak.

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