Day In The Life: A Series on Twitter

Have you always wondered what, exactly, someone actually did all day at work? We launched our Day In The Life series with the intent of answering precisely that question. The first week of the series belonged to this summer's AOL interns. Five interns, from five different departments within the company, each took a day to share their experiences with the "Twittersphere." Their tweets are archived below.

All tweets were posted on Twitter at AOL Jobs. Follow us, if you aren't already!

Monday, July 12

Jake from AOL Jobs

Read all about Jake's day!

Tuesday, July 13

Maryam from AOL Mail

Read all about Maryam's day!

Wednesday, July 14

Stephanie from AOL News

Read all about Stephanie's day!

Thursday, July 15

Kristina from AOL Corporate Communications

Read all about Kristina's day!

Friday, July 16

Chan from AOL Lifestream

Read all about Chan's day!

Note: Chan's tweets are regarding the AOL-sponsored "Intern Blue Monster day" - a day of volunteering, in which the Dulles, Va.-based interns contributed their time to the Reston Association, of Reston, Va., to help with their office relocation efforts.

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