Barefoot Bandit book in the works and maybe movie, too

Barefoot burgler nabbed
Barefoot burgler nabbed

Does crime pay? Just ask the "Barefoot Bandit's" mom, who is working on a book deal, even as 20th Century Fox has apparently bought movie rights about his exploits.

The FBI confirmed late Sunday that a teen captured in the Bahamas was Colton Harris-Moore, who has been on the lam for two years after escaping a Renton, Wash. halfway house. The FBI says Harris-Moore is the prime suspect in more than 70 investigations throughout the Pacific Northwest -- including Washington, Idaho, Oregon and Canada. The allegations include home, business and bank burglaries; boat, airplane and car thefts; and assaults on law enforcement officers.

Harris-Moore has been dubbed the "Barefoot Bandit" because some surveillance tapes from crime scenes show a suspect without shoes.

Pamela Kohler, the mother of the teen fugitive, told the Seattle Times that a book is in the works and she hired a lawyer to manage her entertainment interests. She hired Seattle attorney O. Yale Lewis, who has represented celebrities including Courtney Love and the family of Jimi Hendrix.

CNN is reporting that 20th Century Fox bought the movie rights, although it's not clear who the studio paid, or whether they were wearing shoes.

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