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Green ideas for grillingEven when the thermometer shows nothing but red, you can still make sure that you're living green. See how, with tips on eco-friendly grilling, greening your apartment, low-energy meal prep, and more. It's all here on RentedSpaces this week.

Green Grilling: Eco-Friendly Ways to Barbecue
You can probably tell by its eye-burning stink that lighter fluid isn't exactly "green" -- but take a look at some other small changes you can make to host a more eco-friendly barbecue this weekend. Read more.

Don't Buy New, Borrow From Your Neighbor
This newly launched web service can help you save money, space, and maybe even the environment. See how you can connect with a network of neighbors to swap or rent stuff like lawnmowers and camping equipment. Read more.

Recipes for Beating the Heat in Your Apartment's Kitchen

Even if you haven't been sweating it out on the East Coast this week, you can always use a few simple ideas for keeping your cool in the kitchen. From the obvious (salads) to the odd (meatloaf muffins), see how when you read more.

Easy Steps to Going Green in Your Apartment
Sometimes is is easy being green. It turns out that some of the most impactful changes you can make to your apartment don't involve expensive solar panels or high-tech appliances. See how to green up your space. Read more.

Simple Ways to Declutter Cords
Does a snarled web of power- and extension cords keep your apartment from ever looking truly neat? Wrangle those tangles with some simple tricks to keep your electronics from taking over your space. Read more.

Celebrity Real Estate Rental News
If you've even wanted to live like the storied Other Half (complete with a wallet-emptying house payment), now's your chance: a new trend has stars like Charlize Theron and Pierce Brosnan renting out their "spare" properties to us mere mortals. Read more.

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