Americans and Soccer: Learning to Love the World's Favorite Sport

U.S. soccer fans, World CupPerhaps you've heard by now that Americans are finally figuring out what the rest of the world has known for decades: Soccer is not just 22 people running around for 90 minutes without scoring. They also fall down and clutch their knees sometimes.

Kidding! Soccer is actually very exciting, as a dramatic last-minute win by the U.S. team demonstrated conclusively to American audiences. And many U.S. fans will be watching the World Cup finals Sunday between Spain and Netherlands.

The question now is whether the attention folks here have been paying to the World Cup for the last few weeks will prove a fleeting fad or the beginning of something more enduring. Can the land of football, basketball and baseball find room for another sport in its collective heart? (Sorry, hockey -- nobody cares about you anymore.) We interviewed Americans who were watching Wednesday's semifinal match between Germany and Spain to find out.

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