Sucking up to the Twilight trend: Baby vampire dolls

Sucking up to the Twilight trend: Baby vampire dollsHoping to take a bite out of the multi-million dollar vampire mania that began with Buffy and has evolved into the passionate following of Bella, Edward and the Twilight series, Vamplets is a new line of limited edition plush dolls that are a mash-up of Webkinz, Beanie Babies and the latest Eclipse merchandise.

Brainchild of designer, G-Ra, the baby vampire dolls ($16.95 each) are 8 to 10-inches tall, and created in soft, fleece-like fabric with over-sized cartoonish heads, large anime eyes and diapered baby bodies. "I was playing around with concept ideas when I suddenly changed direction, drew this baby drinking a bottle of blood with a ball and chain attached to his ankle, and wearing a black diaper with a big red X on it," said G-Ra in an interview with Fangoria, "I could not stop laughing. This little baby vampire became the prototype for the Vamplets ... I felt I had hit upon the perfect concept, baby vampires! Weirdly cute but cuddly!"

The results are six, "inherently evil babies" named Cadaverson Nightshade, Lily Rose Shadowlyn, Count Vlad Von Gloom, Evilyn Nocturna, Burton Creepson,Jr., and Midnight Mori, accessorized with spiders, bat "bows," tags shaped like a bottle of blood, "bad" wristbands (in case we forget), and an "Official Certificate of Possession of a Baby Vampyre." Hidden inside each diaper is also a secret code, for owners to use on the interactive company website. The code allows vamp fans to print out "Undead Certificates," select a tombstone for their Vamplet and see an animated version of the character.

Each fang-faced baby also sports poetry that defines their personality and is worthy of a few screams all on its own. Evilyn Nocturna: "Slightly mad and totally bad. You don't need a hunch ... she'd prefer you for lunch!" As well as directions for care and feeding: She'd rather bite you than drink her bottle of blood ... Plus, " ... she sleepwalks so keep her locked in her coffin during daylight hours."

The Vamplet's Disappearing Bottle of Blood, sold separately ($4.95), is capped with a black baby bottle top and "disappears" when you tip it downwards. Morbid and deadly sweet at the same time.

Twilight's Eclipse raked in $175.3 million in theaters within the first week and there are two more movies yet to come. I'm guessing we have not seen the end of a merchandising trend that refuses to die. Can Vampira Barbie or American Girl Goth be far behind? Cue the Psycho music.
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