Jumping off World's Tallest Bungee Platform

For those who like their travel experiences extreme, CNNGo.com has a full description of a bungee jump off the Macau Tower, home to one of the world's tallest bungee platforms.

But it's the video of the Asia experience that is giving even viewers a rush.

A Filipino woman, Ara Charissa Sam, writes that she is "part of the adrenalin-seeking, adventure-searching subset of the population" and that's why she traveled to Macau to take the plunge.

The platform is some 61 stories up, or 764 feet above the ground. And Sam says it comes with "a view that intensely shatters your notion of 'keeping it cool' and dares you to plunge right smack into the heart of the city."

At the top, she says you have three choices – just walking around on a circular platform near the edge, jumping in a body harness for just a few meters and then taking the glass elevator down, or jumping to the ground.

She chose the third option, signing a waiver with operator A.J. Hackett Bungy, and taking the dive.

"I slid off gracefully from the platform at an angle without hesitation as I shouted, 'Yeaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhh!!!!' My tummy rumbled but it was all worth it. Priceless," Sam writes.

Photo, Mr Wabu, flickr
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