Cold Drinks Collection in Pet Society

pet society soda
Despite my aversion to sodas in real life, I have to say that these bottles are delightfully shaped and colored! Several players have been lucky to collect all ten of the new cold drinks from the Pet Society vending machines.

From left to right, the drinks are:

  1. Cold Orange Soda
  2. Cold Cola
  3. Cold Peach Iced Tea
  4. Cold Tropical Drink
  5. Cold Lemonade – I think this one's my favorite bottle.
  6. Cold Coconut Drink
  7. Cold Grape Soda
  8. Cold Lime Soda
  9. Cold Cherry Cola – Oh, wait. I like this one even better.
  10. Cold Mint Drink

Remember singing "99 Bottles of Beer on the Wall" as a kid? This pet has 105 bottles, to be exact!
pet society soda
This article originally appeared onPet Society Anonymous.
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