China finds more milk with melamine

Melamine, a chemical that is added to thin milk make it seem rich in proteins during nitrogen tests, is responsible for the death of six babies and the sickening of thousands in China. Despite previous crack downs by the Chinese government on toxic milk, in which a dairy farmer and milk salesman were executed, tainted milk products continue to be sold.

Chinese officials say that the melamine powder was likely stockpiled after the 2008 crackdown which called for all toxic milk products to be destroyed. Melamine causes many health problems , including kidney failure. Last month, Chinese authorities discovered 76 tons of milk powder at production lines in Qinghai, a province tucked out in the deserted and hilly western corner of China. The milk products had 500 times the legal limit of melamine, and the production manager has been detained.

Officials also stated that some of the tainted powder was even used to make ice cream has yet to enter the market.

Milk farmers slip melamine-tainted milk through regulation because many are small operations located in remote sections of China with little food safety awareness.