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celbrity property rentingCelebs are people, too.

Just like us they rent out their properties and rent others properties to live in. Of course, their properties are often quite dreamy (like the Osbournes'), but sometimes they are down to earth in price and style (like Sommerhalder's).

Read on to find out more of what's going on in the life of celebrity property renting...

  • RealEstalker tells us about Ian Sommerhalder's $4,200 a month, two bedroom, two bathroom rental in Santa Monica. Sure, he has great eyes and was on "Lost" (insert moment of silence) but with a median two bedroom rental in SM around $3,200, I'm not sure this thousand square foot rental is a great deal. I mean, he wasn't in the whole series of Lost.

  • RealEstalker also informs on a more star-like property for rent, owned by Sharon and Ozzy. At $40,000 a month, the beachfront home in Malibu has five bedrooms, five bathrooms, and 4,500 square feet. Here's to hoping his kids and pets will be cleared out.

  • On the Right Coast, NY Mag tells that Tracy Morgan moved into a Manhattan apartment that was asking $14,900. The unit in the West 50's features 4 bedrooms, 3.5 baths and a thousand foot terrace with city views. He had to get a new spot since his last place at Trump Place on the Upper West caught fire. Faulty wiring in a lamp in his fish tank. Don't worry you animal lovers, his pet shark was uninjured

  • 15 Central Park West might be home to Sting and Denzel and other uber rich fancy pants types, but from Curbed I see there is a no puppy policy in the building. There is a big landlord-tenant squabble (though not with the aforementioned celebs.) What does PETA think about this?

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