Borders coupons for 33-50% off

Borders gift items saleThree new Borders coupons popped up today, including 33% off the list price of any item, 40% off all gift and stationery items, and 50% off the list price of bestseller hardcovers. Each coupon is also valid online. Use coupon code BAB7973E to get 33% off, coupon code BMP7979E to get 40% off eligible items, and coupon code BTL7977P to get 50% off. All expire Monday, July 12, 2010.

Each coupon has its own caveats so make sure to read the fine print. To use any or all of the three coupons, join Borders' free loyalty program, called Borders Rewards. You can join in the store or online in about three minutes.
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