Best honey barbecue sauce? We grill the house brands

One of the best parts of writing these Store Brand Scorecard blogs for Money College is reading all the comments. Everyone's got a valuable opinion about his or her favorite or best deal. But it's not too often that so many people speak up on behalf of one single brand that wasn't even mentioned in an article.

But that's exactly what happened a month ago when I compared KC Masterpiece original barbecue sauce, which I panned, to three store brands, with Walmart winning based on the taste/price combo. There were a few KC Masterpiece defenders amongst the critics, but by and large a surprising amount of people--dozens in fact--all said the same thing: that Sweet Baby Ray's, a brand of sauce made in Chicago, is the best.

Even if that were the case, would Sweet Baby Ray's be good enough to justify its higher cost over store brand sauces? Based on the comments, popular consensus suggests yes, but I wanted to find out for myself.

And so by popular demand I've put together another barbecue sauce challenge, this one centered around honey barbecue sauce, with champ Walmart and popular favorite Sweet Baby Ray's facing off against Aldi, Supervalu and each other.