AAA TripTik app doesn't compare to old fashioned paper TripTiks


The AAA TripTik. Nothing quite brings back the memories of a summer road trip like the neatly bound ream of paper from the local AAA office that highlighted the quickest route and important information along the road to a family vacation. AAA still offers these hardcopy TripTiks to members at the local office. But now, even non members can get some of the benefits of the AAA TripTik thanks to the AAA TripTik Mobile app for the iPhone -- but not the most important ones

The free TripTik App works on the iPhone as well as the iPod Touch and the iPad, though the latter two will need to be connected to the Internet for the entire trip to be useful. With the TripTik app you will be able to plan a trip, get directions and find points of interest near your location.

You can choose to display hotels, restaurants, points of interest, gas stations auto shops and campgrounds that are near your current location or along your route. Clicking on one of the locations will provide you with the AAA rating, cost summary and if applicable the AAA Investigator's notes which are all handy when looking for a meal or a place to stay.