YoVille Room Contests Icon replaces Events Icon!

yoville room contestPlatinum Ninja has posted on YoVille.com explaining the new Room Contest Game Feature. With this new feature you will be able to show off your YoVille room designs, compete, and win prizes!

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Hey Guys,

Wanted to prepare you all for Room Contests that will be coming soon to YoVille! Let's go over how to be a part of this awesome feature before it goes live in game so you can get started on your rooms entries today! Just a heads up the theme of the next Room Contest is going to be "Best Pool Party". With this new feature you will be able to show off your coolest rooms, compete and win prizes, browse and vote for the Best Rooms in YoVille!

New Icon Changes
yoville room contest
yoville room contestBefore we dive into how to enter and browse other entries let's first go over the adjustments that have been made to our in game icons.You'll notice a brand new Room Contests Icon, that will replace the Events Icon, which will take you to the main Room Contest Page. Also, now that the Events Icon has been replaced we have moved the Events Icon to the right side of the page in between the Buddy List Icon and the Chat Icon.

To access the YoVille Contests Page click on theRibbon Room Contest Icon and the following YoVille Contests Page will appear. From here you will be able to see past winners, check out the current and upcoming contests, enter and browse entries. This icon will be your lifeline to YoVille Contests!! So make sure to check it out and investigate it when it is in game.
yoville room contest
*Please note these dates are subject to change and are for screenshot purposes only. We will usually give around a week per contest to collect entries*

How to Submit an Entry

Ready to be YoFamous and show off your rooms or win some prizes?? Of course!! That's what I thought!! Get working on your "Best Pool Party Room" today to get prepared for our first in game YoVille Room Contest.

Now that we have covered how to navigate let's check out how to submit an entry. Once you have designed your room to perfection go to the room that you want to enter then click on the Room Contests Ribbon Icon *You must be in the room that you want to enter while submitting* You will then be prompted with the main YoVille Contests page. Click "Enter" and you will be taken to the Rules and Prizes Page Please review the rules to make sure that your entry does not break any of the rules listed below. Once you have reviewed the rules and are ready to enter click "Submit Room"
yoville room contest
You'll then be shown a preview of your room to have you verify and confirm this is the correct room you want to enter. If so, go ahead and click "Yes"
yoville room contest
Yay!! Your submission was successful!! Make sure to check back daily to check out the success of your entry.

How to Check on Your Entry

After you have entered your room when you click on the Room Contest Ribbon Icon you will be presented with the main YoVille Contests Page.
yoville room contest
Click on the "Check Votes Button" and the following will appear and show you all of your comments, # of votes on your entry, and your next goal!
yoville room contest
How to Vote and Browse Entries

Want to get inspired or rate the best of YoVille? To browse entries click on the Room Contests Icon and you will be taken to the YoVille Contests Page and then click Browse Entries. From here you will be able to scroll through as many entries as you like and even vote for your favorites! Check out what is possible and you be the judge! While browsing you will also be able to vote for your favorites, comment on other entries,and report abuse.
yoville room contest
To vote for an entry simply click "Cast Vote" button on the entry. You will also be able to vote for your friends by keeping an eye out of "Vote for Me" Feeds. After you see a friend asking for more votes you can click "Check it Out" and you will be taken you to your friend's room. Remember that you only have 20 Votes per Day so make sure to make them count!! So use them sparingly and vote for the ones that best match the theme and catch your eye! *Please note that there be an option to gain some bonus votes the longer you play in game. We'll be rewarding you more votes the more time you stick around in YoVille*

Also, to check out the rooms that you have voted for click "Review Your Favorites" Tab while browsing other entries.
yoville room contest
How to Share Entry with Friends

After you submit an entry you can click "Check Your Room". From here you will receive the option and button to "Ask for Votes" which will allow you to post a Feed to your Friends that will direct them to vote for your specific room. Make sure to share to get your friends to come and vote for you!! Posting these feeds will be very helpful in getting more votes and showing off your room!
yoville room contest

Now the part everyone has been waiting for! Here is a breakdown of the prizes the top winners will receive: 1st Place will receive 50 YoCash, 2nd Place will receive 40 YoCash and 3rd Place will receive 25 YoCash. Those top 3 players will also receive trophies for being a winner! We will be implementing Ribbons for players that reach certain Vote Goal as well in the near future. For instance if a player reaches X # Of Votes they will receive a X Ribbon. *However the first contest will not include these ribbons as we want to gauge the average votes for contests before releasing this part of the feature in game:)*

Well that's about all folks, make sure to get your rooms ready for entry as this feature will be kicking off very soon! Show off how cool your pool is and get your room in tip top shape.

Good Luck!

- Platinum Ninja

This article originally appeared onYoVille Lounge.
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