Texas AG demands 'improper' Travelers Insurance TV ad be taken off air

Texas AG demands 'improper' Travelers Insurance TV ad be taken off airTexas Attorney General Greg Abbott has ordered Traveler's Insurance to stop airing what it considers to be a deceptive ad or face legal action.

The AG says the ad is misleading because it gives viewers the impression they should purchase additional car insurance or risk losing their home because they didn't carry adequate automobile liability insurance.

The ad, "Drive Your House," features a man driving his home through the desert when he's distracted trying to answer his home phone. The man loses control of his car, sending him, the vehicle and the contents of his home – including his cat and prized souvenir baseball – flying through the air.

A man is then heard saying, "Without the right auto insurance, a crash might impact more than your car. Make sure you're properly covered, so when you're driving your car, you're not risking your house. Travelers, take the scary out of life."

The AG is demanding the ad be pulled from all Texas television markets and also that it not appear in print, multimedia, radio or computer-generated advertisements.

In a statement, the AG said the state's homestead laws protect Texas homeowners from losses.

"Because the state already protects homeowners, it is improper for Travelers to scare Texans into buying insurance they may not need," Abbott said.

A representative from Travelers could not immediately be reached for comment.

In 2005, the state ordered Allstate to pull an ad it said contained a similarly deceptive message.
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