LeBron James Lured With Luxury NYC Homes and a Website

LeBron James NYC
LeBron James NYC

LeBron James has overwhelmed all channels of news and information during the past week. His epic stature in this summer's NBA free agency has inundated the realms of TV and the Internet -- especially on Twitter, the popular online social network that's been buzzing all about James lately and where the King himself officially debuted on Monday.

Basketball fans in New York City have been rabid for James to come and save the woeful Knicks from years of disgrace -- some have even offered extravagant perks to the 25-year-old basketball superstar, should he sign with New York.

One real estate company in New York City has jumped into the fray with a proposal of its own, and has even launched a shamelessly promotional website dedicated to wooing James to the Big Apple: EveryKingNeedsACastle.com.

James is expected to announce his team choice tonight on ESPN during a TV broadcast titled "The Decision." At least five cities that have been courting James will be disappointed.

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