Is FarmVille Coming Soon to Android?


After feeling left out and forgotten with the recent FarmVille iPhone collaboration that birthed exclusive virtual FarmVille items (see Snow Leopard) for iPhone's FarmVille application users, Android supporters finally have something to be happy about. FarmVille may be "coming soon" to Android!

Lots of naysayers said it couldn't be done with iPhone, Android, or any smart phone for that matter, yet the FarmVille application for iPhone was successfully released at the end of June.

So could FarmVille be coming soon to Android? Possibly! The URL was just recently registered by DNStination, which is the same registrant as As of yet there has been no official release made by Zynga or FarmVille, but this could be a good indicator of a future FarmVille and Android partnership. Worst case scenario, securing the domain name demonstrates FarmVille's interest in Android, even if it is just a placeholder for now.

It seems like a wise decision as there are many farmers who are non-iPhone users who would also love to have other options to satisfy their farming needs.

Would you like to see FarmVille available for Android?

This article originally appeared on FarmVille Freak.

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