High-Tech Chandeliers: Science for Your Ceiling

spikey chandelier, interior deluxe, elettra, elettra chandelierYou've got art for the walls, rugs for the floor and furniture to fill in the spaces between. Your ceiling, on the other hand, is probably still a blank canvas. Never fear, these super sweet, super geeky chandeliers provide light and lively decor.

Elettra 66 Grand Chandelier

We love this thing because it looks like a delightful spiky light explosion. Designed by Italian light artist Renato Gambato, the Elettra 66 is completely wireless and uses satin glass to eliminate glare. Plus, it looks like a fireworks display in your home.

Learn more about the Elettra 66 and other high-tech chandeliers....

Those willing to shell out the $4,640 necessary to purchase it can do so here (silver lining: it comes with free shipping) or check out Gambato's smaller designs here, here and here.

WAC Organic LED Chandelier, WAC Lighting

led chandelier, wac lighting, wac chandelierInstead of burning traditional light bulbs this luxury chandelier is lit by OLED panels that use 10 to 40 percent less energy. There's a pretty long list of reasons to like this piece -- it's produced without using heavy metals or rare earth materials, the firm that makes it maintains ridiculously high sustainable manufacturing standards in creating the product (detailed here), and it will cost you less in the long run than typical chandeliers. But the real reason it makes our list of coolest chandeliers is simply because it's an energy-efficient piece that can appeal to science nerds as well as those with classic taste. Those considering adding it to their lighting can e-mail sales@waclighting.com to find a distributor near you.

Constellation Chandelier, Kenzan Tsutakawa-Chinn

consellation chandelier, kenzan tsutakawa-chinn, kenzan, studio 1thousandDesigned to "inspire dreams of the future and fond memories of the past," artist Kenzan Tsutakawa-Chinn's Constellation chandelier is another LED, energy-efficient piece, only it comes with a more modern feel. Powered by the same amount of energy it takes to light a 15-watt bulb, the chandelier is also made almost entirely of copper tubing, making it recyclable as well.

consellation chandelier, kenzan tsutakawa-chinn, studio 1thousand

Rainlight, Charles Kalpakian

Charles Kalpakian, rainlight, rain chandelierPart lighting element, part art installation, this weather-inspired piece sheds light through neon tubes hanging down from a glass "cloud." "You can touch the rain and it turns into light," explains Parisian-based artist Charles Kalpakian. Quite a way to brighten up a depressing room. More Kalpakian designs can be found here.
Charles Kalpakian, rainlight, rain chandelier

Gummi Bear Chandelier, Ya Ya Chou

ya ya chou, gummi bear chandelierWe threw this one in for pure fun. Designed by artist Ya Ya Chou as a commentary on marketing for children, this 45-inch chandelier is made of beads, bulbs and more Gummi Bears than you can shake a stick at. "I explored the relationship between food consumption and class," explains Chou. "By rearranging the embellished snacks in the forms of luxury commodity, I wish to pose the questions: Who consumes these foods? Who has the choice to choose?"

Currently residing in a private collection, this Gummi Bear chandelier has inspired a few copycats (we wrote about one here). Though the piece isn't edible, it's definitely biodegradable.

ya ya chou, gummi bear chandelier
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