Happy Pets turns Twilight Eclipse into a matter of cats and dogs

Happy Pets Eclipse in store
Happy Pets Eclipse in store

The Twilight craze has migrated from Crowdstar's Happy Aquarium into their newest Happy Pets Limited Edition pets set -- the Eclipse series. Two of the series' vampires have been turned into shiny kitties, the Sparkling Edward and Sparkling Victoria (who's always been quite cat-like), while the two main werewolf stars have been turned into over-sized pups, Huge Jacob and Huge Sam.

For fans wondering where Bella is, maybe the game will release her as an actual Swan. But if you want her and Edward to have a go at each other, renaming Victoria into Bella will work fine and dandy.

Each pet costs 88 Facebook Credits ($8.80 USD) and their traits, i.e. kitty sparkliness and doggy gigantism, can be passed onto their off-spring. The cats literally have a cloud of sparklies surrounding 'em. And the dogs are 60% larger than normal.