Happy Island Limited Edition Bundles: Get Tropical, To the Greek, Be Zen or Go for the Gold

Happy Island Limited Edition Bundles
If you love Happy Island and have yet to spend those 5 free Facebook Credits that were being given away by Crowdstar's Hello City, a new Happy Island Limited Edition Bundle would be the perfect purchase.

There's four bundles, each with different themes -- Tropical Island, Greek Get Away, Zen Vacation, or just "Give me the Gold!" which is a 50,000 Coins package. Each bundle contains both regular and premium goods, and costs exactly 5 FB Credits.

Here's what's in 'em:

Island Paradise Bundle!
Includes: Mini Del, Java Revolution, Bird of Paradise, Bird of Paradise, Pineapple Plant, Pineapple Plant

Aegean Get-Away Bundle!
Includes: Aqua Virgo, Nero's Inn, Greek Theater, Cyprus Tree, Cyprus Tree

Zen Vacation Bundle!
Includes: Qin's General, 88 Market, Shangri-La Hotel, Arched Bridge, Bamboo Grove, Bamboo Grove
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