Happy Island Limited Edition Bundles: Get Tropical, To the Greek, Be Zen or Go for the Gold

Happy Island Limited Edition Bundles
Happy Island Limited Edition Bundles

If you love Happy Island and have yet to spend those 5 free Facebook Credits that were being given away by Crowdstar's Hello City, a new Happy Island Limited Edition Bundle would be the perfect purchase.

There's four bundles, each with different themes -- Tropical Island, Greek Get Away, Zen Vacation, or just "Give me the Gold!" which is a 50,000 Coins package. Each bundle contains both regular and premium goods, and costs exactly 5 FB Credits.

Here's what's in 'em:

Island Paradise Bundle!
Includes: Mini Del, Java Revolution, Bird of Paradise, Bird of Paradise, Pineapple Plant, Pineapple Plant

Aegean Get-Away Bundle!
Includes: Aqua Virgo, Nero's Inn, Greek Theater, Cyprus Tree, Cyprus Tree

Zen Vacation Bundle!
Includes: Qin's General, 88 Market, Shangri-La Hotel, Arched Bridge, Bamboo Grove, Bamboo Grove