Don't Buy New, Borrow From Your Neighbor


So there you are, packing for your European backpacking trip when you realize that you pretty much have everything you need except the backpack. Most would have to go to their nearest sporting goods store and drop two hundred dollars for two weeks of use, then stick it in the back of a closet where moths will eat it until 10 years later, when it gets sold at a garage sale.

Does this sound like something that could happen to you? Well it happened to Micki Krimmel, Founder & CEO of While planning for a trip to Thailand she realized she had to spend a lot of money on an item she'd only really use once.

"I did some research and realized that was true for most Americans," she says. "We spend over $22 billion a year on self-storage space in this country. I figured there had to be a way to get more value out of all the stuff we're not using every day."

Thus, was born.