Telecom giant Verizon sued in Wisconsin for unauthorized billing


The Wisconsin Attorney General is suing phone giant Verizon, saying it shouldn't bill customers who signed with a different telecom company, and that it should pay back money it has collected.

Accoring to the suit filed by state attorney general J.B. Van Hollen, consumers in Wisconsin complained they ordered services from Powercom Corporation, but instead received bills from Verizon. Lambeau Telecom purchased Wisconsin-based Powercom in early 2009, but according to the lawsuit, Verizon's unauthorized billing began as early as summer 2008.

Powercom customers, however, did not subscribe to Verizon's services. In some cases, when people complained, Verizon continued to bill Powercom customers--and allegedly sent some accounts to collection agencies for failure to pay.

The suit seeks to prevent further unauthorized billing and asks for restitution and returning proceeds for each violation.

Multiple attempts to reach a Verizon spokesperson were unsuccessful.