Pirates Ahoy! from Playfish lands on Facebook

pirates ahoy on facebook
pirates ahoy on facebook

Pirates Ahoy, a new pirate-themed treasure hunting game from Playfish/EA lands on Facebook, just a week after spotting the game on the company's Wikipedia page. From the official Facebook page -- here is a brief rundown on what's in store for aspiring scallywags:

Set sail on a swashbuckling adventure in Pirates Ahoy! the new game from Playfish! Take to the seas in your ship with all your friends to search for treasures beyond your wildest dreams! Do battle with sea monsters on your travels, find maps to buried treasure, and build your very own treasure island, the most shipshape pirate haven of them all! Are you game for some pirate fun?

I'm giving this game a go as you read this -- at first glance at the game, it looks like Pirates Ahoy has all of the trademarks of a Playfish game -- colorful graphics, with an overall friendly vibe that will appeal to social gamers of all stripes. A beta tester for the game says, "[I]t seemed like a pretty fun game with room to grow..." Thanks Jennifer!

Try Pirates Ahoy, and let us know what you think in the comments below.

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