Naked Pizza: Domino's Launches Ad Campaign Using 'Real' Photos


First, Dove used pictures of supposedly un-retouched average-sized women in its "Real Beauty" ad campaign. Now here comes Domino's Pizza ready to show off pictures of... un-retouched pizzas.

Domino's says it's not engaged in a cheesy imitation (sorry) of Dove's campaign. Instead, the company says it's just expanding upon its "Pizza Turnaround" which was launched late last year. In that advertising campaign, Domino's CEO Patrick Doyle and several employees read through a series of customer complaints about "cardboard" crusts and sauce that "tastes like ketchup." In response, Domino's totally reinvented its pizza, with a new crust, new cheese and a bolder taste.

The mea culpa approach worked so well that Domino's is doing it again -- this time by refraining to use "fancy food artistry or fake food touch-ups" with its photos.