FarmVille slowly rolling out 26 x 26 farm expansion


Tonight, observant FarmVille players may have noticed a new banner below the game tonight that proudly announced that 26 x 26 land expansion is being released. The message does say that this new feature will be rolling out over time to all farmers, however, so you may not actually have the expansion just yet. Many players on the official forums have confirmed that they have the Grand Plantation in their Market, and many others do not have it yet.

Once the Grand Plantation comes to your market, you'll need to shell out a bit in order to purchase it. Here are the requirements for purchase:

  • Must have 35 neighbors, with 5 new neighbors

  • 80 Farm Cash or 2 million coins to purchase

This price is quite a bit higher than the 24 x 24 expansion, which only cost 500,000 coins. Don't go to hog wild with planting and taking up all of your new space, you'll want to leave room for the crafting stations and buildings that are undoubtedly coming soon. There are also a ton of new Swiss Alps decorations available that you may want to leave space for.

Have you bought the 26 x 26 Grand Plantation expansion in FarmVille yet?

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