CostRefuge weekly roundup looks at home repairs, computers

WalletPop is is joining with CostRefuge.and looking back each week at the top personal finance stories from mainstream publications and the blogosphere.

Trying to determine which home repairs are actually worth it seems to be a common theme among homeowners, especially those who can not invest the time or money needed for big remodeling projects. Claire Bradley from Investopedia shares 10 home repairs that might not be as glamorous as their pricier counterparts, but can be just as effective, if not more so, in adding value to your home.

While there are plenty of folks looking to quit their day jobs and pursue passions in entrepreneurship, art or some other endeavor, many end up sabotaging their time and energy by falling into bad habits. Ali Hale from Dumb Little Man takes a look at a few of these habits and provides tips on how to counteract them in order to maximize your non-work hours.

Upon first glance it might seem like a wacky idea, but should Apple get into the car business? Matthew DeBord from Slate's "The Big Money" takes a look at some of the existing technology companies and what a potential partnership between Apple & one of the major car manufacturers in America might look like.

Should you go out and buy a new computer before exhausting performance options on your existing desktop or laptop? Not if Maximum PC can help it. They go over some of the most cost-effective ways consumers can upgrade their PCs and save a boatload of money in the process.

Finally, with all of the hoopla about where NBA free-agent LeBron James is going to play for the next several years, nobody has asked the real important question: What becomes of his car collection? Chris Woodyard from USA Today profiles James' garage and the luxury automobiles inside.

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