Wal-Mart to open first store in Washington D.C.


Wal-Mart is negotiating a deal to open its first store in Washington D.C. The location is a parcel owned by a family in the taxicab business. The Washington Postcontacted sources who remained anonymous, but stated that Wal-Mart has not yet signed a lease, but expects to do so in the fall of this year.

The exact site is not yet confirmed, but sources say that the parcel of land is located near the intersection of New York Avenue and Blandensburg Road NE. The area has a McDonald's, Days Inn hotel, drive-in liquor store, a big Washington Wholesale distribution center, National Arboretum Park, and a few nightclubs and strip joints. The area seems low key, but the proposed Wal-Mart will take advantage of the heavy traffic flow through New York Avenue.

Brothers Andrew, Dave, and Jerry Schaeffer own the 11 acres of land that Wal-Mart is allegedly looking to buy. The land was supposed to be the site of a massive housing and retail complex, but that project fell through when the credit and housing markets tumbled.

The D.C. negotiations come just after Wal-Mart made a deal with the City of Chicago to open stores in the metro area.

Wal-Mart has not confirmed its plans, but company spokesman Steven Restivo stated that the company is evaluating opportunities in D.C. to provide jobs and a cheaper shopping alternative to area residents.