U-Haul banned me from renting a truck: Help!

U-Haul troubles.
U-Haul troubles.

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Q.U-Haul banned me from renting their products because I was associated with a friend who owed them money. I asked this friend to help me move three months ago, and when we were at U-Haul renting a truck, they asked if there would be any other drivers. My friend gave them his drivers license and they cancelled the rental, saying that he had an unpaid bill from 2007. They then told me that I couldn't rent from them until this person paid his bill, and that I would be responsible for the charges he owed because I was associated with him. I was told I couldn't rent from U-Haul until the bill was paid, and I was put on a list. I didn't even know this friend in 2007. I have tried to rent at other locations and have been denied three times. They told me this is what they always do until the money is paid, but I do not feel that I should be responsible for someone else's payment.
Thanks in advance,
Steve Hudson.