Secrets of a freebie blogger from Hip2Save's Collin Morgan

Finding freebies on the web is a big deal - there are dozens, if not hundreds of blogs devoted to sharing free stuff online. But Collin Morgan, the freebie diva behind Hip 2 Save, is a cut above. I talked to Collin, 28, who started blogging two years ago, about staying on her game, fake freebies, and blogging secrets.

Why blog about freebies? 'Cuz I love freebies. There are so many freebie sites out there that are spammy. I wanted to have legit freebies where you're not going to get a bunch of spam in your in-box.Where do you find freebies? A lot of readers will e-mail me freebies. Bloggers, too. Basically now I get the majority of them from readers and other bloggers. Before I would go to the big forums, like Slickdeals or AFullCup, and would have to double check everything. I would Google products and find coupons on their site. A few times I would order the freebie, wait to get it to see if it was legit, and then post it.

How do you find freebies on Slickdeals? I'll search it by when the last posted freebie is. If you go on Slickdeals and don't know how to search it, you're going to find dead freebies.

What percentage of freebies are fake? I would say 75 percent. I get 5-6 emails a day from readers and bloggers with freebies that are not legit. The thing about legit freebies is a lot of them go within minutes. You have to be on your game.

hip2save Collin MorganDo you disclosure that you make a few cents on some of the freebies? In my disclosure policy it lists that I make money on the offers. I am contemplating saying something at the bottom of each post. It's great to let people know, but I don't want it to look tacky.

How many readers do you have?
30,000 Facebook fans, 27,000 email subscribers. I get 140,000-150,000 hits a day and uniques are about 50,000. This past year my site has really taken off.

Is it worth it to share personal info like your name, email, and address, in exchange for a totally free, albeit very tiny, sample? It depends on how much you want the freebie.

What is the best freebie you've ever gotten? I was really happy with the neti pot I got for my husband. He has major allergies. It costs about $12. That's pretty good.
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