Pet Society reels in Fizzyfish the Soda Pop Fish

Pet Society Fizzyfish
Pet Society Fizzyfish

A new fish just entered the Pet Society pond. The Fizzyfish is the freshest fish around, fo shizzle ma nizzles. I like how the cap looks like a pair of juicy red lips. How to catch this Fizzyfish? Try the bottle of Coca-Cola sold in the vending machines. You can either buy one of these yourself for 900 coins, or if you see it at a friend's house, just pay 50 coins for a drink.

While I think the Fizzyfish is cool, I feel mixed about this vending machine. Earlier this year, big soda companies like PepsiCo have vowed to remove full-calorie sodas from machines in schools by 2012. However, diet sodas will continue to be sold to students.

I used to be a Diet Coke addict for years. I'd drink one every day during lunch. If I didn't have one, I'd feel like my whole afternoon was shot.

Drinking a Diet Coke for me was almost a sensual experience. I loved wrapping my hand around an ice-cold can. I loved opening the can and hearing it pop. I loved that first sip, feeling the fizz on my tongue and tasting the dark brown Splenda-laced liquid. If the soda was served in a glass at a restaurant, I liked the look of it: dark, bubbly, with a tower of glistening ice cubes.

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