Pet Society: Chill out with a new vendy soda pop machine and cute collectible drinks


As part of their new rockin' 50s retro theme, Pet Society is selling a Cold Drinks Vending Machine -- that actually dispenses soda pops! -- for 900 Coins. You can find it in the Market store in "Cool Stuff". Place the machine in your home, where you and your friends can buy drinks for 50 Coins each. There are ten collectible drinks in all, but what comes out is completely random. I dropped 1,250 Coins into my machine in an attempt to collect 'em all, and I'm happy to report it was a success!

Here's a pic of all the drinks and a list of their names (from left to right):

Pet Society Cold Drinks Collection
Pet Society Cold Drinks Collection

TOP row:
1) Cold Mint Drink
2) Cold Cherry Coke
3) Cold Lime Soda
4) Cold Grape Soda
5) Cold Coconut Drink

6) Cold Lemonade
7) Cold Tropical Drink
8) Cold Peach Iced Tea
9) Cold Cola (Note: Use this as bait to catch the new Fizzyfish.)
10) Cold Orange Soda

Since you're going to have extras while trying to build your collection, just note that all drinks can be sold for 16 Coins each.

Warning: I put my drinks on the floor to fit 'em into the shot, but you shouldn't ever leave your drinks on the floor or anywhere your pet can easily reach, cause your hungry pet will consume 'em! Get yourself a table, shelf, or put the drinks on a window sill.