Lily Allen's vintage clothing store stocks her own finds

British pop singer, Lily Allen will launch her own clothing store next month. The inspiration comes from her own closet, and some of her very own clothes will go on sale in the new store. Featured on the cover of UK Elle's August issue, Allen said she's excited about the launch.

The fashion business is nothing new for Allen. Last summer, Allen started her own jewelry line which features nine different designs for fans aged 14 to 40. She also launched a clothing line for UK retailer New Look.

Lily wants to end the throw-away culture of shopping. She told UK Elle that throwing away clothes is not ethical, and turning this around into a business is an enjoyment.

Earlier this year, Allen announced that she is retiring from the music business. At 24, she gave what she said was her last performance, in London on March 7. Now that she has branded herself and gathered a following, Allen is now utilizing her fashion creativity. At her New Look debut, she said her upcoming fashion lines are not meant to compete with other lines, but rather inspire something unique for her fans.

Her new store, Lily in Disguise will debut in August at the Vintage at Goodwill Festival.

Check out this clip of Allen's launch of her clothes line at New Look.