Is FarmVille Replacing Black Stallion & Black Stallion Foals with Black Horses & Foals?

FarmVille Black Stallion on a Farm
FarmVille Black Stallion on a Farm

Do you remember when the Black Stallion was mysteriously available in the FarmVille Market for only a few minutes? If not, read this FarmVille Freak Post, "FarmVille Black Stallion Mystery". Well, despite being released for only minutes in the FarmVille Market, some lucky farmers were quick enough to snag their own Black Stallion for 40,000 coins. This release was unintentional by FarmVille.

According to some farmers, Zynga is reportedly correcting their unintentional error by refunding the 40,000 coins and replacing Black Stallions and Black Stallion Foals with plain ordinary Black Horses and Black Foals.

FarmVille Freak has not confirmed that this is true and we are waiting a response from Zynga.

From FarmVille Freak Cecil: