Is FarmVille Getting Ready for 26x26 Expansion?

FarmVille Zoomed Out Farm
FarmVille Zoomed Out Farm

Earlier this week FarmVille's official Twitter page released an expansion teaser with a tiny picture of 26×26 Expansion.

After today's updates some FarmVille Freaks like FarmVille Freak Sheri are noticing that when viewing their farms "zoomed out" the area surrounding their farm border seems a little larger.

"Hiya FarmGoddess – I noticed tonight that there is a dramatic change to my farm screen size – the margin around my farm is usually only about 1/2″ but it is now almost a full inch larger all around. I always have my IE zoom at 150%. I wonder if this might relate to expansion.

Two things happened today – I got the pregnant pig and I got my groovy cows back – otherwise, nothing has changed since this morning that might have affected the screen.

Hope I'm right about the potential for an expansion.

- FarmVille Freak Sheri"

This article originally appeared on FarmVille Freak.