Happy Aquarium turns Sex and the City ladies into fish

Happy Aquarium Sex and the City Fish Ladies
It's only been four days since Happy Aquarium brought out their Limited Edition fashionista fish set, and already, the octopus Charla and the kissing fish Sandra masquerading as Charlene and Samantha, respectively, have sold out. Each fish costs 59 Pearls or 49 Facebook Credits ($4.90 USD).
Miranda from Sex and the City
Right now, there's only 4 Melina (that's Miranda, for you non-fans out there) and 41 Corey (or Carrie Bradshaw) left in Happy Aquarium, and if you're a Sex and the City fan, you'd want to grab 'em before they're gone. The popularity of these have been amazing, especially considering that there were at least 800 of each fish when they were released.
Happy Aquarium Fish in the City
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