Happy Aquarium Lost Expedition Crew Collection Prize Revealed: Scuba Parrot

Happy Aquarium Scuba Parrot
Happy Aquarium's Collections feature was released early this March with the "Super Sea Shell Hunt" for players Level 10+, which awards a Seashell Temple upon completion. A few weeks later, the game added the "Egg Hunt!" just in time for Easter. That Collection unlocks at Level 13 and gives out an animated Glowing Egg.

The third and final Collection is "Lost Expedition Crew!", which unlocks at Level 15 and requires you to collect 9 crew medallions. As with the first two, the last collection item always takes a long time to reveal itself and item drops are completely random. In this case, the Captain medallion was the culprit. But once everything's collected, players will get a Scuba Parrot dropped into their primary tank. The Parrot is animated and can be sold for 360 Coins, while the medallions go for 16 Coins each.
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